Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Quick Note About YoTreps and Icecream

Firstly, we have added a link on the right hand side of the blog that allows people to see a map of our trip.  This is a very cool little gadget that requires Tony to input our location along our route and it transfers it to a Google Earth type map.  The only catch is that if our location isn't recorded often enough, or there is a point of land between two recordings, then it looks like Vakasa is journeying over terra firma.  A good trick even for our faithful boat.  So please ignore the parts that are not on water (for some reason, pretty much all of Washington and Oregon!) and we will endeavour to plot our locations more frequently and with greater accuracy.

Secondly, I believe that every journey needs a "reason to be", other than the destination itself.  Whether it's checking out lighthouses, photographing sea life, attending potlucks or fine tuning weather forecasting, there needs to be an ongoing pursuit of some sort of higher knowledge.  I have picked icecream.  In Sausalito I had the most extraordinary Coffee/Caramel icecream cone.....a combination that I've never had before, was a little skeptical about, but found to be absolutely delicious.  The cone in Port of San Luis was also Coffee with Caramel, but didn't quite live up to its predecessor, and the Coffee Chip icecream in Santa Barbara wasn't even close.  I'll keep you posted......


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