Monday, 3 December 2012

Loco Touristico a Mexicano Autentico

We heaved a big sigh of relief as we left the tourist craziness of Cabo behind and began our search for real Mexico

A mere two days and two nights of sailing took us to Isla Isabella, a small island 242 nm southeast of Baja.  As we approached the island, just after sunrise, we were struck by the fact that it was covered by some weird grey mist.  Closer observation showed that the “mist” had wings and there were literally hundreds of thousands of birds circling this tiny piece of land out in the middle of the ocean.  We loved the incredible snorkelling (bazillions of species of tropical fish), hiking with the two young girls who were acting as park wardens, and bird watching.  This was genuine Mexico and it was hard to leave.

Next we headed due east and ran into Bahia de Metechan and the city of San Blas.  Here, we went to town and amused a whole bunch of Mexicans with our poor Spanish.  We spent several hours shopping and drinking cervezas and only saw one other gringo besides our boating buddies, Anja and Bram.  We also enjoyed an awesome panga trip up the Rio Tovara, where we visited a crocodile sanctuary and swam in the fresh water spring, which was protected from the crocs by nothing but a very flimsy looking fence.  Fortunately, no appendages were nibbled on.

Our third, “real Mexico” anchorage was in Chacala, a small town 3—4 hours north of Puerto Vallarta.  We’re not sure if you can call a place that serves Lattes and Americanos authentic Mexico (muy delicioso), but the town was very pretty, full of Mexican families on vacation and the mango margaritas sure tasted authentic!  Here we had the best surprise when Bryn and Tanner showed up on their way south to the surf town of Sayulita.  Kathy was reading in the cockpit when she saw a surfer dude and dudette paddling their boards out to Vakasa.  Picture Forrest Gump jumping off his shrimp boat when he saw Lietenant Dan.......

And now we're sitting in Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta, otherwise known as the Velvet Prison.  Definitely not authentic Mexico, but we're not complaining as it's a 5 star resort and it is only costing us $28/night.  After three weeks on the pick, unlimited fresh water and power, diverse grocery stores and resort facilities are looking pretty darn good.  In fact, we'll have to finish this conversation later as the pool is calling!

As the sun rises we can see Isla Isabella, a national park and bird sanctuary, in the distance

Vakasa, Tarpan, and this bird festooned fishing boat share the anchorage

Anja and Kathy must dive on the anchors to make sure they're not wrapped around rocks

One way for a poor wee black doggy to stay cool 

Nesting Frigate birds

Fishing village at Isla Isabella

Another attemp at getting Rizzo to luck....Los Monas (the Dolls) in the background

Patricia and Michelle take our gang for a guided hike around Isla Isabella

The Blue Footed Boobie

Male Frigate showing off for his girlfriend

"What say the Bells of San Blas to the ships that southward pass?"  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Two salty sailors on shore leave in San Blas

Our jungle tour panga driver

We spotted turtles

.....and iguanas

...and a couple of crocodiles in the wild....fortunately, these two monsters were in the sanctuary!

The beautiful little town of Chacala...a favourite so far, and home of the award winning Mango Margaritas!

Chacala sunset

Now this is what we call a swim up bar!

PS:  For those interested in a short zoology lesson.  We learnt the following, freakish fact about how the Frigate bird gets it's main source of food.  Several of them gang up on a  Boobie, often harassing it to the extent of grabbing its tail feathers and giving it a mighty shake.  Where upon the poor Boobie gets so scared that it upchucks its quickly eaten fish dinner and one of the Frigates swoops down and gobbles up the barf.  Mother Nature run amuck!

PSS: arrive in less than 2 weeks.  Yeah!!!!! 

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  1. Hello folks, we briefly said Hola when on a bus at paradise village. We recognized you but were two slow to figure it out and bus was gone. If you checking your blog comments hopefully you will find this email before we leave. We would love to swing by and say hello and learn more about your adventure. we are at Grand Mayan across the harbor. Will try your old email as well.

    Mike and Fiona Gregory
    Gr8 Escape