Monday, 30 April 2012

Almost Time To Cast Off The Lines

We're just 2 weeks away from leaving Victoria's beautiful Inner Harbour and setting sail for what will be 11 months at sea.  We've had a great winter in Victoria.  We've taken enough sailing courses to melt our brains and worked on so many boat projects that our bodies are weary and our bank account is empty.  Getting Vakasa ready for sailing offshore has been tough but rewarding...and the logistics of sailing to, and living in, Mexico have been complicated.  But we are more than ready to cast off the lines and start enjoying the life that we've spent the past 2 years preparing for.

The only one who may not to be quite ready for this adventure is Rizzo (our faithful boat mutt), who has absolutely no idea of what is coming her way.  However, she loves boat life and we're sure that she'll settle in just fine once she figures out where to pee and poop on those offshore legs (despite our most diligent efforts, we've been unable to convince her to do her toilet on the boat while we're tied to the dock or within sight of land).  We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that she'll figure it out when the time comes!

So if you want to follow our travels, check back once in a while and we'll keep you posted.  Fair winds to all.

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