Monday, 7 May 2012

New Toys and Gadgets

We are down to the final countdown of days before leaving Victoria.  We'll spend the next 3 months doing some local sailing; exploring Puget Sound for the first time and revisiting some of our favourite spots in the San Juans and the Gulf and Discovery Islands.  Then it's the big offshore trek...first leg to San Francisco, second to San Diego, and third to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  We'll arrive in Mexico somewhere in the first week of November.

Both Tony and I are scrambling to get the last of the chores that need to be done at a dock finished before next week.  I think we're almost there and it feels good!  Vakasa has already been offshore with her previous owners (several times in fact) and probably thinks that she was perfect just the way she was, but  here are just a few of the new toys and gadgets we've added to her.

New Radar

New Spinnaker

New Watermaker

New SSB Radio and AIS

New Main and Jib

New Salon Ceiling

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