Monday, 18 June 2012

Puget Sound and Other Destinations

We can't believe that an entire month has passed since we left the dock at Victoria and we've already managed to idle away one third of the time before we leave for Mexico.

We began by taking our eldest, Bryn, to the San Juans for a few days and then headed to the Spring Bluewater Cruising Association Rendezvous at Bedwell Harbour (where we were given our "leavers package" that included a mouse and a rat trap!  Yuck!!  What's with that?)  Following this, we turned south again and began a 3 week tour of Puget Sound.  What a wonderful cruising area, with lots of great anchorages and marinas, and not nearly as busy as we thought it would be.  Our favourite spots were Port Madison where we anchored just off one of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's "summer places"; Gig Harbor where we went out for a fabulous 31st anniversary dinner; Blake Island where we got lost on one of the great hiking trails that criss cross the island; and the locks and bridges leading into Lake Union in Seattle....not to mention our recipricol moorage at the Tyee Yacht Club in Lake Union that was directly under an I5 bridge. Talk about NOISY.....  And, finally, who can say enough about the award winning Penn Cove Mussel Chowder in Coupeville?

After Puget Sound we returned to Bedwell Harbour and Kathy joined up with 6 of her UBC Rehab Medicine buddies at Poet's Cove Resort for their annual's the 22nd year that they've been getting together to celebrate their friendship.  After lots of gabbing, kayaking, boating, eating, drinking and a deep tissue massage, she returned to the boat totally exhausted!  We'll have to give her a good rest before heading off on our next adventure.

Brad and Angelina's place in Port Madison

Weekend races off our moorage at Blake Island

An audience as we go through the locks into Lake Union

Three long and two short blasts and they open the bridge for Vakasa

Yummy mussel chowder in Coupeville, Whideby Island

The reunion girls onboard Vakasa 

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  1. Hello Vakasa!

    David and Michelle from Pelagia (remember us from Port Hardy area last year...).

    As life has it, our plans to leave south have been postponed for 1 year ($%!!@! condo issues/politics -- we've decided to SELL!).

    However, it looks like we will be crewing on a friend's boat (SV Sapphire) to San Francisco, leaving Vancouver approximately August 25.

    So, maybe we will cross paths this Summer or on the way to SF.

    David & Michelle