Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Spectacular!

We have covered some ground in July.  From Barkley Sound we headed to Esquimalt and stayed at the CFSA dock (Canadian Forces Sailing Association) where we got a few chores done, including putting new zincs on the boat.  Now we could have paid a diver $200 to do this, but Tony decided that he had a wetsuit, a pair of goggles, and an allen wrench, so he could just as easily do it himself.  Too bad he didn't have dive tanks 'cause he just about drowned trying to hold his breath while he attached the zincs to the prop shafts.  But it got done and we only lost one $15 zinc to the ocean depths, so all in all it was a boating and a financial success!  GOOD.

We then headed to False Creek to visit our youngest daughter, Lea.  It was sunny and hot for a change (isn't July supposed to be sunny and hot?) and we really enjoyed seeing Lea and providing copious amounts of groceries to the starving student.  We also went kayaking with our friends, Nadine and Alan (way to go with the retirement plans, Nadine!!!).  Definitely GOOD.

Then it was off to Pender Harbour, where we picked up Teresa and Mark for a voyage up to Jervis and Princess Louisa Inlet and the final prize of Chatterbox Falls. We started in brilliant sunshine and could hardly wait to see the sun shining on all the incredible scenery that this area has to offer.  But Mother Nature can be fickle and the clouds and fog set in as soon as we entered Jervis Inlet.  By the time we made it to the dock at Chatterbox Falls it was pouring with rain.  Now, we could call this's the rain forest and there was something cool about seeing it in these conditions.  Mist, rain, and huge volumes of water shooting out of the 90 odd waterfalls that surround the end of Princess Louisa.  And of course, Chatterbox Falls was SPECTACULAR!

Finally, we headed to Jedidiah Island to enjoy some hiking and swimming, since the weatherman promised that sun was on its way.  He was right on, for once, and we enjoyed some beautiful weather and even managed to dry out most of the boat.  A nice little spinnaker run back to Pender Harbour to drop off Teresa and Mark and we are sitting at the Madeira Park Dock getting ready for the next adventure.  Life is truly GOOD!

The Zinc Man commeth

Lea takes a spin in the kayak in False Creek

Apparently there are 90 waterfalls emptying into Princess Louisa Inlet...these are only a few of them

Chatterbox Falls

Teresa, Mark and Kobe enjoying the Falls

Vakasa at Chatterbox dock

Mark and Tony finally get to hang out in the sun at Jedidiah Island

Kathy and Teresa....or a couple of Jedidiah mermaids?

Even the dogs (Rizzo and Kobe) love a nice spinnaker run

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