Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Time Has Come...Finally

Well, the time has finally arrived and we are going to have to put our money where our mouth is.....walk the walk and talk the talk, so to speak.  We are ready.  Well, that's a little bit of a lie, we do have a few more chores to do.  Tony is changing the oil as I speak and I just arrived home from the laundromat.  The boat is in total disarray but a few hours tomorrow should put it right.  But, no matter what, the day after tomorrow (that's Sat, Aug. 18th) we cast of the lines, head to Port Angeles to provision and get our cruising permits, then hang a left to San Francisco.  Estimated time of arrival being Aug. 28th-ish.  The extra berths are made up and our crew (my brother, Tom and Bryn's boyfriend, Tanner) is arriving bright and early Sat. morning.....hopefully with Transderm patches ready to apply!

We have spent the last two weeks visiting with friends and fact, we have shared 10 dinners, 4 lunches, 2 brunches and numerous "come over for a drink" occasions in that time.  We had a wonderful 81st birthday celebration with Tony's Mum and a 24th birthday/going away dinner party with both of our girls and their respective boyfriends. We are extremely blessed to have so many caring individuals keeping their eye on us.  The general consensus from most of our non-sailing friends is that this offshore sailing business is "pretty crazy", but they're not too surprised that we want to do it!  On the other hand, most of our sailing friends are jealous that it's not yet their turn to take off.  Those of our sailing buddies that have been offshore already are full of wonderful last minute advise, completely unaware of the fact that our brains are totally saturated and absolutely nothing new is sinking in.  But we nod and smile and look forward to actually getting on with this thing, so that we can put all that we've learnt to the test and explore brand new cruising grounds.

So stay tuned and the next post should be from San Fran and full of all kinds of exciting stuff.

The Navy watches over us at our present digs--Canadian Forces Sailing Association Yacht Club

Tony doing those pesky last minute chores like oil changes

Laundry on the hottest day of the year...40 lbs of laundry, 20 min walk away, 30 degrees

A daily visitor

More visitors of the smelly kind!

The crew....ready for the adventure

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