Monday, 20 August 2012

Repairs in Neah Bay

We are just 2 days out of Victoria and we are already in need of repairs!

Our first day from Vic to Port Angeles was a rockin' ride in about 25 knots of wind.  We got lots of practise at reefing and no one, two-legged or four-legged, got sick so that's a good thing. The next day had us bucking winds from the west and current from the east, leading to 8 hours of motoring into some pretty heavy and steep seas.  One "rogue wave" actually tore part of the port side trampoline from its rail.  Poor Vakasa!

However, the good news is that the seas calmed down in the last few hours of the trip and we decided to let Tanner have a go at fishing.  We were a little worried that he would abandon ship if we didn't.  Some of us needed showers and Tony needed to contact the "net" regarding our position, so we gave the fisherman 20 mins to do his thing (of course no one actually expected anything).  Low and behold after only 15 minutes he hooked a beautiful 9 pounder and brought it aboard with elegance, grace and style (he paid us to say that!)

Once at Neah Bay we were happy to meet up with our Dutch friends, Anya and Bram, who are also heading to San Francisco. They joined us for a delicious fresh salmon dinner and wonderful cosnversation that, as is typical at this time of a big sailing journey, centered around talk of wind and weather.

We have had our "crew meeting" this morning and it looks like we will be leaving on our offshore leg tomorrow morning as long as our trampoline repairs today are successful.  Winds will be light which will make rounding Cape Flattery nice and easy and hopefully there will be no fog.  There is a storm brewing a few days south of us which might cause us to head to port in Coos Bay on Thursday in order to wait it out.  This would make our ETA in San Fran sometime around Aug. 30.  This is later than we had originally planned, but it seems that Mother Nature has her own ideas about our itinerary!

All in all, we've had a great start and no one seems to be too unhappy about a day of hanging about on the boat before we have to start doing night watches.  It is warm and sunny here with wifi, a grocery store, and good walking for Rizzo.......what more could we want?

Tom keeps Tanner onboard while he reels in his fish

Show off!

Not only did he catch it, but he filleted and cooked it too

Surveying the damage

Repairs begin

Anya and Bram join Vakasa's crew for the salmon feast


  1. Will you be checking in on any nets?

    we leave Vancouver (on SV Sapphire, not Pelagia) for SF on Saturday.


    David & Michelle

  2. Hello! Wonderful blog you have here! I have thoroughly been enjoying reading your adventures! Looking forward to hearing more in the future!

  3. Hi, This is a test.


    1. That worked just fine, Shirley. Hope you're enjoying following along! We are in Coos Bay, waiting out a storm. I will make another post this afternoon.